Monday, August 14, 2006

I had a fever last Friday. But I was helped by Mr. Uchida, Hiro-kun and the King… . Thank you for your kindness!!

On Saturday, I went to Annapolis. I was happy to see the beautiful view the city has. I like brick buildings and scenery where there are some hills. So Annapolis has become one of my favorite cities.
And I went to Georgetown. This time is my first visit. I bought 2 T-shirts. This is so nice. I want to visit there again.

I went to Alexandria and Mount Vernon yesterday. During little voyage, I was sleeping. So when I arrived at Mount Vernon, I felt good<-:
Ah, Alexandria is nice, I think, because there are many dogs. I like dogs. So I bought play cards with dogs' photo. This was so nice and cute that I could not but buying 2 sets!!

p.s. I think that...


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